The Lama Dance was created by Guru Rinpoche in the 8th century. The original purpose was to remove or destroy the obstacles to the development of Buddhism.

Today, Mahakala Lama Dance still has the same purpose. The Lama Dances usually are performed once a year on the 28th & 29th of the last month of the year, before Losar - the Kalachakra Calendar new year, (according to lunar calendar). There are two days of dancing, the first in elaborate robes, the second in full mask and ornate costume.

In the dance the Protectors cut through any obstacles in the coming year, which means clearing away of all the negativities and obstructive forces accumulated over the passing year setting the tone for the coming year to begin anew - with purity, auspiciousness and joy.

A Lama Dance exhibits a mandala of Guru Rinpoche with the blessings from the lineage, it is also called a approach of "See and Enlightened". There is another special lama dance of Guru Rinpoche which is performed on the June 10 of Lunar calendar according Palpung tradition but at Palpung Sherabling Guru Rinpoche lama dance performs on October 10th according the lunar calendar because of the weather.

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