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Read First (For transmissions)

  1. For Group
    For all groups, the group leaders need to register to participate in the transmission and create the group name before the registration of the group's member. Thus the group members, when they proceed the registration form, can select the group in the group list.
    NOTE: Every group should have at least 5 members including the leader.
  2. Registration closed 7-14 days before the transmission starts
    Depending on the amount of the registrants, the registration of the transmission will be closed one or two weeks before the date the transmission starts.
  3. The registration is completed only when all the necessary items in the registration form are proceeded.
    For transmission of limited participants, we will check all the completed forms around the registration closed date of the transmission. If there is any mistake or fake information in the form, we may cancel the registration directly if the amount of completed registrants is more than the limit.
    NOTE: This allows the registrants to complete the form first with temporary information, and then modify their registration forms when they have updated or renewed data.
  4. Cancel your registration
    Please cancel your registration as soon as you are sure that you cannot participate in the transmission. You still need to login then cancel your registration. This will let others have the chance to participate in the transmission if the limit is reached, and also a great help for us to arrange related affairs.

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Mahamudra Ocean of Definitive Meaning Year 2/6

Date: 01/04/2017 - 08/04/2017 (dd/mm/yyyy, India Date)
Venue: Delhi : The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel
Transmitted in English
Participants limit: 900

Important Notice for April Mahamudra

In order to book the venue for the next transmission we need to have all participant registered by end of January. Kindly register as soon as possible.

Requirements to attend the second year:

  • Having receive from a Master of the Karma Kagyu lineage reading transmission and explanations of the following Karma Kamtsang Preliminaries Practices ; Four Thoughts ( Precious human life etc) and Refuge and Bodhiccita.

  • Having completed or being on the way to complete the 100,000 Refuge practice ( recitation and prostrations ),

  • Those not interested of doing the practice are advised not to attend the transmission so all of those willing to do the practices can join, 

Registration opened.


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