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The three year, three month, three day retreat is a traditional set of practices one does both as a group and alone, designed to ripen an individual's spiritual potential. At the successful completion of the retreat one may be called Lama (spiritual teacher), by the community, but it is a collective reaction and not an appointed title. (That is the community simply starts to call a retreatant Lama, or not). Lama is also an honorific word that may be used simply for polite and respectful to a monk. Nuns who have finished the retreat may also be referred to as Lama or Drubma.

The retreat centre for monks, was built on the west ridge in 1988. It has rooms for twenty-five monks, apartments for visiting teachers, and a shrine hall.

First group was started in 1989 with the blessing of late Kyabje Kalu Rinpoche and late very venerable Saljay Rinpoche. Very Venerable Saljay Rinpoche was the retreat master for the first retreat, and Mingyur Rinpoche for the succeeding ones. Lama Tsultrim, a very venerable lama who has spent most of his life in retreats, (including retreats with the previous Kalu Rinpoche in Palpung Monastery), has been the Master of Discipline, spiritual guide, and also teaches the retreat participants practical application.

Mingyur Rinpoche has been the main retreat master of the retreat center from the second retreat till now. Currently Lama Tsering Gyaltsen also assist as retreat master.

Daily Practice - group
Green Tara
Daily Practice - solitary
Drolkar-White Tara
Torma-Water Offering
Sang Cho-Smoke Offering
Dorje Phurpa
Monthly Practice - group
Tersar Drolma Mandal–Tara
Tsepag Lhagu–Amatayus
Kunchok Chudu-Guru Rinpoche
Pakshi Ladrup-Karma Pakshi
Annual Practice - group
Dorje Drolo-10 days
Gondrup-Mahakala-8 days
Year 1 - solitary
Dorje Phurpa
Marpa Guru Yoga
Milarepa Guru Yoga
Gampopa Guru Yoga
Dorje Pagmo-outer
Year 2 - solitary
Dorje Pagmo-inner & secret
Chodruk-Six Yogas of Naropa
Year 3 - solitary
Khorlo Demchok
Gyalwa Gyamtso
Chod Tsok group
Amitabha Powa group
Drolkar - White Tara group