Activity date: 2017/12/21,Released date: 2018/01/07

Conclusion of the 100-day Mahamudra Transmission


Following the transmission of the twelve foundations, Guru Vajradhara the 12th Chamgon Kenting Tai Situpa transmitted the actual practice and the concluding topics of the Mahamudra Ocean of Certainty text.

The transmission of the actual practice of the stages of clear light Mahamudra, which is the essence of all Sutras and Tantras, began with instructions on shiné or calm abiding. First, Guru Vajradhara explained the essential points of the physical posture and the methods for settling the mind. Then, he transmitted many different shiné meditations, both with and without object, such as concentrating on something impure, on something pure, on the mind itself and on the nature of reality, instructions on cutting through the movement of the mind by applying the key points of the pranas and so forth.

Guru Vajradhara completed the transmission of the actual practice with pointing out the nature of mind instructions. Establishing that all phenomena are unborn and therefore spontaneously present and self-liberated in the great equality of the inseparability of appearance, awareness and emptiness, Guru Vajradhara dismantled the knot of concepts and revealed the ultimate secret by directly introducing the mind itself to be the Dharmakaya. After that, Guru Vajradhara transmitted the concluding topics, which consist of the instructions on enhancement and removing hindrances.

On December 21, Guru Vajradhara completed the 100-day Mahamudra Transmission. At the concluding session, all the participants received a pin with the Mahamudra symbol and a “Don’t get distracted!” calligraphy as a reminder to stay focused. Both the pin and the calligraphy were designed by Guru Vajradhara himself.

Guru Vajradhara strongly encouraged everyone to practice all the meditations step by step, exactly according the essential instructions of the lineage. He also gave extensive advice on making our mind one with the Dharma by being inseparable from mindfulness and awareness at all times and in all places and circumstances. Guru Vajradhara also advised that in order for our practice to be truly according to the Dharma, we need to always do our best to practice diligently with our body, speech and mind.


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