Activity date: 2018/1/29 - 2018/1/30´╝îReleased date: 2018/01/09

Longevity Sadhana and Long Life Ceremony


To express their gratitude to Guru Vajradhara the 12th ChamgonKenting Tai Situpa for bestowing the 100-day Mahamudra Transmission, all the participants performed a longevity sadhana and offered a long life ceremony.

The Very Venerable Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche presided over a one-week Tsedrub Sangdu longevity sadhana, which was performed by all the Mahamudra Transmission participants together with many other local and international devotees. The Tsedrub Sangdu (Assembly of Secrets Longevity Sadhana) was revealed by the great Terton Ratna Lingpa.

On Friday, December 29, a day of an auspicious juncture of planets, stars and elements, at 9 am, Guru Vajradhara was escorted into the main temple by an impressive procession headed by Tulkus carrying incense and monks playing the gyaling, followed by a group of dakinis, who performed a sacred dance. As Guru Vajradhara ascended the throne, an offering of Dharma in the form of a presentation of the Five Perfections and an extensive explanation of the Mandala was performed. Then began a Long Life Ceremony in which an elaborate Mandala was offered, followed by offerings of representations of the enlightened body, speech and mind, presented by the principal recipients of the transmission and representatives of various monasteries, as well as many other groups and individuals. The Very Venerable Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche concluded the ceremony by performing an offering of auspicious substances and symbols, requesting Guru Vajradhara to have a long life endowed with indestructible vajra qualities.

On the afternoon of December 30, a wondrous Ganachakra feast was offered to Guru Vajradhara and the entire assembly in the courtyard of the Monastic College as a gesture of gratitude for the successful completion of the Mahamudra Transmission. The feast was the final part of the entire program of the 100-day Mahamudra Transmission, which was auspicious from beginning to end.


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