Tilopa's Song

The Talk on Completion Party of Maha Mudra Transmission Given by the 12th Kenting Tai Situpa at Palpung Sherabling, March 2007.
Transcribed by Bema Chodron

The very purpose of practicing Dharma is to be happy. And be free from suffering. So I am very happy that all of you try your best to be happy today. And no just today keep on being happy, all this life and all the life to come until you reach the Buddhahood. Then you keep on make all sentient beings happy. All their life becomes happy until they all reach Buddhahood. Happiness is our relative goal. Ultimate is beyond happy. But definitely happiness is beyond suffering.

Then as you all came here from all over the world, you brought of your distinctive culture and your respective expression. And each of you did your best to share it with all of us. And I am very happy and thank you very much. And don't think of these like this kind of wondering mind. This is should be part of our Mahamudra practice.

Thank you for everybody trying your best to make this and everyone of us including this tent, the global thunder ground and forest and stars and moon and sky and everything is happy.

So I like to end our Mahamudra Dharma activity with Tilopa's song after he attained enlightenment. He elevated into the sky. It is seven times higher than the pine tree. And from there he sang the song and the entire village become enlightened.

"The far beyond and dualistic distance, it is closer than anything that is closest to us. And this Tathagatagarbha primordial wisdom shines from within."

Thank you Tilopa! Thank you Tilopa from the land of Tilopa! Thank you Tilopa by the disciples and followers of Tilopa! We know you are part of every intra space around us and every breath that we breathe. You are part of every drop of water that we drink. And you are part of every grain of earth on which we walk. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


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Chanted by Kenting Tai Situpa in March 2006

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Tilopa's Song