Maha Mudra Practice

Given by the 12th Kenting Tai Situpa at Palpung Sherabling, March 2007.
Transcribed by Bema Chodron

I want to tell you one more time. Mahamudra practice is directly dealing with the essence of everything and everyone.

The purpose of entire practice of Dharma is to attain Buddhahood. There is no other purpose.

And the purpose of attaining Buddhahood is to assist all sentient being to attain Buddhahood. There is no other purpose.

The purpose of all sentient being to attain Buddhahood is because it is their destination.

It is their destination because it is their potential. It is their essence. And until that potential and essence is fully matured, they will not stop suffering.

Suffering does not only mean pain.

Suffering means unnecessarily going in circle, looking for something which can never be found.

So, instead of looking for something which can never be found, then one should finally come to one's sense by knowing what you are looking is not anywhere, it is inside you. It is you who you are looking for. You are not looking for anything anywhere. It is the essence of you, the potential of you that is what you are looking for.

We go up to heaven and down to hell and circle around in the entire vast limitless space for countless eons. And did we find anything up to today? We are still looking for, and searching for. Therefore the Prince Siddhartha has attained the enlightenment which is nothing more, nothing less than equal potential of everyone, and everything. I say everything because there is no everything without everyone.


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Chanted by Kenting Tai Situpa in March 2006

Maha Mudra Practice

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