GENTLE BLESSING Ali shan, Taiwan, 1996(June,24-25)
This was taken in Taiwan on the way down from Ali Shan. It was taken from the road, while drivlng. The car was moving. I went up on the Ali Shan Mountain for one night. For Talwan, It was a very high mountain, which many tourists visit. I think it was taken during late morning.


SHADOW OF LIGHT Berlin, Germany, 1995
This was taken in Germany and I was in a center very close to Berlin. I was there resting on my porch after my morning teaching and I just took this. This is in late morinng. It is dark because of the light of the sun. It is precisely a shadow of light. The light is casting a shadow.


WAVE IS OCEAN Victoria Island, British Columbia, Canada
It was taken on my way from Vancouver to Victoria Island to teach there. I was on the boat. I took this picture from the deck. It's a wave. The white part is created by the boat. Lt's mid-day.


THE MONKEY ROCK Ali shan, Taiwan, 1996
This is as we are going up the Ali Shan Mountain. We just stopped there. The rock looks like a monkey.


DIVINE LANTERN Cambridge, England, l994
This was taken in Cambridge in my bedroom, after I finished my teachilng. After I finished my teaching, I just lay down on my bed to rest and then I saw this on my ceiling and I just too it. It's actually upside down. It was not that way, it is upside down.


SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE Cameron Highlands, Malaysia, 1998
This was taken in Malaysia, Cameron Highlands, mid-day, at a tea garden. I was teaching in towns and cities in Malaysia. This is called Southern Hemisphere. The earth is like that.


LIFE IN THE SEA Holy Island, Scotland U.K., 1996
This was taken from Holy Island, in the afternoon, after a long walk.


HOUSE - THE LIGHT HOUSE Holy Island, Scotland U.K., 1996
The light is showing very clearly. The light of the sun is showing very clearly.


That is an old ruin in Grcece. It was a very important castle for the Crusaders, and the Turks destroyed it. Therefore, it is a gate way to the past. This was taken late afternoon, during my last visit.


MORNING LIGHT Todtmoos, Germany, l994
This is in the Black Forest. I was teaching there. This was taken from my window where I was staying. It shows early morning, contrasted by the land, the trees, the people who are lighting their fires, and the early sun is touching the meadow.


PRISONER OF FREEDOM Wappingers Falls, New York, l997
I took this picture from my window. That is a mosquito screen on the window. That airplane is going to land at I don't know what airport. I think it is interesting because the airplane is flying, but it looks like it is inside the mosquito net. So I call that Prisoner of Freedom. Everybody is so crazy abouth freedom that they become a prisoner of freedom. I don't mean a prisoner from freedom, I mean a prisoner of freedom. If you are obsessed about anything, you can become a prisoner of that. I took this in between teachings, from my bedroom window, public teachings to everybody.


ABOUT THE SUN Hamburg, Germany, 1995
That was taken in Hamburg in the afternoon. The sun was about to go down. I was walking near the river and I saw an advertising airplane flying for Lufthansa. It was the first type of airplane that Lufthansa flew. It is a real airplane flying to advertise for Lufthansa. It is an old, old airplane. First Lufthans airplane.


SIGN OF LIFE Hamburg, Germany, 1995
That was taken at the same time, during the second visit. I took it from the window of the room where I was sleeping, in the Hamburg center. I call it Sign of Life because the tree is alive, because the tree is living, old leaves fall down and new leaves grow. These are leaves from last year's growth. If the tree were dead, then there would be no leaves on the tree. Signs of life mean that the tree is alive. Living things makes lots of mess. It is mid-day, somewhere around lunch time.


WATCH THE WATCHING Taipei, Taiwan, l997
This is an orchid in Taiwan, where I was staying, outside my living room. There was a small rock garden, with a pond and there was a flower there. It is named this because the orchid is watching you, and you are watching the orchid. It's like when somebody is looking at somebody's face. One morning I went out, saw that, and took the picture.


NATURAL GLORY Wappingers Falls, New York, l997
I think it was wild or it was left from a previous garden, I don't know. It is so beautiful. Nobody painted it. Nobody made it, right? Natural Glory. Glory of the Natural. It's glorious. A silent trumpet. No pretense. Just beautiful. Not trying anything. One day I was walking around and I saw that flower just growing and I took the picture.


LIGHT OF A MOVING SUN Wappingers Falls, New York, l997
This was taken during the day time.


LIGHT OF A MOVING MOON Wappingers Falls, New York, 1997
This one was taken at night. This is very nice with the black and both the sun and moon have backgrounds that are the same and the moon has more light than the sun. I knew the background would be black, but I didn't know that it would have this little tail. I think that tail is not really the sun's flare. I don't think so. It's maybe some kind of cloud. And this one around the moon I used something to make it look blur and it showed up the light of the moon.


THE FULL BLOSSOM Cameron Highlands, Malaysia, l998
That is hibiscus. In January l998, I visited a large nursery in the mountains one day. It's a full blossom. Pretty big. It can't get better.


BLESSED JUST BLESSED Washington D.C., 1996
That was taken in Washington, DC., in July.


THE BEAUTIFUL DOG Washington D.C., 1996
This is dogwood. Very beautiful. I don't know why it's named that, but that's what they call it.


TENDER HOST Washington D.C., 1996
It's called Tender Host because the insect is sitting there and the host is the flower, so - very tender - let it sit there and wash its feet, wash its wings. I saw it doing all of that.


FRESH Barcelona, Spain
It's Barcelona, my last visit to Barcelona, at Samye Dzong, a Samye Ling's branch. That was just outside my window. Many old buildings are just behind. The sun was shining from on top of the buildings, so I took this picture. I suspected that lt might turn out black. It did. The buildings and everything in black. I just wanted to see the leaf, with the sunlight, and I didn't want to see anything behind it. Due to some affect of light that happened.


AS IT IS aipei, Taiwan, 1997
In the garden, a leaf fell down on the stone. And I took a picture of it. It's very nice, as far as I am concerned. It's absolutely something about nothing which is everything. I did not move it, I did not do anything, just left it as it is… it was just there. No make up, nothing, just as it is.


DIVINE LEAF Tapei, Taiwan, 1997
This is a Lotus leaf in the water, very simple. But I like the way it shows the water, and the leaf itself, the texture. It is very divine. It's perfect, it's like a calligraphy. It doesn't look like a picture. The water does not look like regular water, it is all magical. The photo is a different manifestation. It was moving and I just took it. I thought there was something interesting about this, but it showed up better than what I thought. Many times better. In the camera you can't see it, not like this. It was the moment of something interesting. The water was moving, by the wind, from the wind, to the wind, I think.


THE TEA GARDEN Cameron Highlands, Malaysia, 1998
That's the Tea Garden, that's in Cameron Highlands, I took this picture in the same day as I took the Southeer Hemisphere. It is interesting. It's perfect. The texture, the line, the proportion, everything. This is a garden of tea. It's beautiful. Like a wall of tea. It is not that steep actually, it's from the lenses. I have one lens that is tele-wide angle. That is exactly what I saw. There was nothing moving so I didn't have to see a movement. I saw what is going on there. Not like the water, the moving water. I didn't see that, because it was changing so fast. This was just like that. I think at morning or mid-day.


SOLID OCEAN San Francisco, California, 1986
It is solid, like a rock. It's ocean. And when you look at it, with the camera or bare eyes, it's all blue and just water. But when the light was hitting, and reflecting, then the moment was like that. And when I was looking through the camera or looking with the eye, I can see for a moment, not exactly like that, but something like that. Then the camera somehow exaggerates it, like the background of the sun is black. So that same thing happens there. It looks like its solid, like some kind of jade.


SHINING WATER New Paltz, New York, 1996
That was in upstate New York, at a lake. I went there just to take a walk. I went for a walk and I saw sparkling light in the water from the sun, and I thought the sunlight was going to do the same thing. So I took it and that's what happened. I thought the sunlight would be black. If you look into the picture, it is like a jewel, if you look into it carefully. Green, blue, red, all the colours are there. Unbelievable beautiful. Not under exposed, not over exposed, its perfect. It is interesting to me because you see what you want to see and you don't see what you don't want to see.


JEWEL OF THE MOUNTAIN New Paltz, New York, l996
The water is like the jewel, like a diamond, especially if you look at this corner here. It's a diamond, huge!


THE QUIET SOUND New Paltz, New York, l996
It is very noisy, the water. And very quiet. The sound of quietness. The sound of silence is very, very loud. So loud that you can't hear anything. It's like being in the middle of space. There is no space at all.


THE LAND Near Athens, Greece
This was taken by the roadside, from the car. This is just a little island in the water. Very, very small. I don't think anybody goes there. This place looks like the top of a mountain. This is a very small land. Everything else is nothing different from here but a little bigger.


EVER PRESENT Holy Island, Scotland, U.K., 1996
This is beautiful, the real picture. The whole thing, the sky and the mountain and the rock. Ever present, it's always there. These rock cliffs are quite majestic. Very big. It's all red heather, Scottish heather. Very nice perspective, that cliff, two cliffs, two heads. Quite majestic, towards Arran.


PRAYER IN THE SNOW Wappingers Falls, New York, 1996
One time in New Yorkk, it snowed when I was there. I liked that very much, the shadow, the prayer flag, everything it's like a fairy-tale to me. It gives me a feeling like wind. It's like in Tibet, like Shangri-la. It is one of my favorite picture.


LIGHT IN THE GARDEN Cameron Highlands, Malaysia, 1998
This is in Cameron Highlands, at night, from the balcony of my hotel, I took this. This is the garden light. I like it. One of my favorite. I knew it was going to come out something like it, not exactly. Because the flowers are closer to the light.


BEING TOUCHED Todmoos, Germany, 1994
That is in the Black Forest. This was also taken from my window, from where I was staying. But the other picture was taken one direction, and this one, the other direction. Taken in the afternoon, I think. Touched by Llght, that is the sunlight hitting the rooftop. I think it's evening. The sun is coming from the other direction. Touched by light. It looked pretty much like that. You know, out of hundreds of people, maybe one person is being touched, it feels a little bit like that.


HOME SWEET HOME Samye Ling, Scotland, U.K.
This was taken from the roof of Samye Ling. I was just walking on my balcony and I saw this. This is the home of one of the disciples. Light and shade and greenery and trees and sky and everything is very nice. I intentionally made it blurry. It is not blurred, if you look at it carefully, all the details are there, not out of focus. Perfectly in focus.


PAST GLORY Near Athens, Greece
Taken in Greece. So now that is very close to where the little island is. I went twice to Greece, this was the second time. I visited this place and took pictures and then we drove in the car and went 15 minutes and then I took the picture of the other island(The Land). This is high on a hill overlooking the ocean. It was glorious in the past. Past Glory, that's why people go there.


PAST IS HERE Near Athens, Greece
This is in Greece… I was told, where the Crusaders' castle was destroyed by Turks, but from a different side.


PROTECTED PAST Caelaverock Castle, Scotland U.K., 1994
That is in Scotland. It is protected with hills, moats, walls, bridges that can fold up, all kind of things like that.


WINDOW FRAME Caelaverock Castle, Scotland U.K., 1994
Same place, the castle. Window frame. Because it is a window, it is a frame. It framed the greenery and sky out there. Its beautiful, it's like a picture hanging on the wall. That's why it is called Window Frame.


DOORWAY INTO PRESENT WORLD Caelaverock Castle, Scotland, 1994
This is the same castle. Looking out from one of the gates. You see the moat, the water and on other side the hill, where people cannot walk in. So that is the outside world. Out there is the present world, in here is the past. That's why you go there.


That is in Spain. This is up the mountain. This place is in Aragon. One day I went for a drive and went through a tunnel and I saw that and snapped it. I call it Light at the End of the Tunnel.


Shining Path of Glory - That's a path which is shining. Perhaps after the end and before the beginning. This is in Greece. This was taken on the path as you walk up to the Acropolis. So it's that path. So it's a shining path. It's a stone path …. All in focus.


THE ISLAND Near Holy Island, Scotland U.K.
This is just before I visited the Holy Island the first time. Just before, a few days before. I drove around on the main island first. It looks like a beautiful ice-cream scoop.


SERENE HORIZON Holy Island, Scotland U.K., 1996
On the top of Holy Island. It does not have to have a lot of light, but with a lot of light you will see lots of things. It's very clear and is also very divine.


TOGETHER FLY Holy Island, Scotland U.K., 1996
That is when I went to Holy Island for the second time, by ferry, a big ferry from the mainland to Aran. I took this picture from the big ferry.


CRUISING Tahiti, 1988
That one I took in Tahiti, in the garden. That was a bee in the garden. As I was walking to the restaurant for my lunch in the resort where I was staying. And in the garden I saw it, I just snapped it. A bee. I don't know what kind of bee is this. It must be on a cruising altitude.


IN SEARCH OF "THE" Wappingers Falls, New York, l996
There was a squirrel running and I just snapped it. In search of "the" - which would be food. Because for the squirrel in that kind of weather, "the" is the food. Everybody has a "the" according to what kind of condition they are, right? In search of "the" fame, in search of "the" fortune, in search of "the" house, in search of "the" nothing, whatever, right?


QUIET MOMENT Biel, Switzerland, l995
That was taken in Switzerland. I think it was afternoon, I was taking a walk.


THE DRAGON Sherabling, Himachal Pradesh, India, 1982
I took this in Sherab Ling a long, long time ago, in 1982 or 1983. This was a piece of silver work, very small, and I took picture of the dragon's face. I think is top of a lid of something. Curved around it. This line are like a fine string. This whole area is less than one inch.


CENTER OF SURROUNDING Biel, Switzerland, l995
It looks like he is doing nothing, but down there under the water I think he is very busy. Kicking his feet like mad.


BLESSING OF THE SUN ON THE HOLY MOUNTAIN Manali, Himachal Pradesh, lndia, 2004.9.7
From Manali drive towards Rothang Pass, I take this picture in car on the early morning.


WEAVING WATER PATTERN Rishikesh, Uttaranchal India, 2004.10.22
This small stream water picture was taken on a village near Rishikesh on the afternoon.


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