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Activity Date: 4/1/2019 - 4/8/2019, Released date2019/04/29

Year Four of the Mahamudra Ocean of Definitive Meaning Transmission


From April 1 to 7, Guru Vajradhara the 12th Chamgon Kenting Tai Situpa, Lord of the Mandala and the one and only refuge, bestowed the fourth of seven years of the transmission of Mahamudra Ocean of Definitive Meaning, essential instructions summarising the profound meaning of the ocean of all sutras and tantras. Over one thousand students from all over the world attended this profound transmission, which was requested by numerous international disciples and organized by the Palpung Institute for Buddhist Studies at the Leela Ambience Convention Hotel in Delhi, India.

Guru Vajradhara continued with the transmission of the main practice of Mahamudra according to the Ocean of Definitive Meaning, which consists of the practices of shine or calm abiding and lhakthong or superior insight, by integrating essential instructions of the oral transmission coming from Marpa, Milarepa and the ocean of Kagyu Siddhas with his own experience and practical examples, thus making the teachings clear and easy to understand. He combined the meditation instructions with transmissions of the actual meditation practices of shine, such as focusing the mind on something pure, meditating on the empty nature of various aspects of appearances, concentrating on the great emptiness, cutting through the movement of mind by applying key points of breathing and gaining control over thoughts by recognising their essence. He offered clear, comprehensive and thorough guidance, clearing any doubts with meticulous explanations on difficult points of each section of the text, as well as of both direct and implicit meanings of the instructions.

Guru Vajradhara concluded the transmission on April 8 by conferring the profound Chod "Opening the Gate to Space" empowerment.


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