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Activity Date: 10/17/2019, Released date2019/10/22

Teachings to Students from Hay House Publishers India


From October 17 to 21 2019, Guru Vajradhara the 12th Chamgon Kenting Tai Situpa gave five days of teachings on the topic "Buddhism for Busy People" at the Palpung Institute of Buddhist Studies. The retreat was requested and organized by Hay House Publishers India. Mr. Ashok Chopra, the publishers' Chief Executive, along with many students from all over the world, participated in this retreat.

Guru Vajradhara explained the main topic by relating it to relevant sections of the sacred texts of the Kangyur, the Tibetan Buddhist canon. He emphasised that no matter how stressful our daily life is, we should always maintain a good heart, honesty and an altruistic attitude, through which we will be able to make our life meaningful by creating causes of happiness and abandoning causes of suffering. To enable us to do that, he gave meditation instructions on the four foundations of mindfulness, explaining that by practicing them we will be able to establish mindfulness and awareness that are the source of all worldly and spiritual success, clarifying the meaning with practical examples. He also gave practical instructions on how to give rise to the motivation of loving kindness, compassion and bodhicitta, how to practice generosity and other paramitas, and how to develop the seven riches of the noble ones. At the end he gave clear, profound and simple answers to questions related to the teaching topics. In this way, Guru Vajradhara fulfilled the hopes of students in accordance with the Dharma.


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