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Activity Date: 11/4/2019 - 11/10/2019, Released date2019/11/12

Teachings on Dharma and Sacred Dharma


From November 4 to 10, Guru Vajradhara the 12th Chamgon Kenting Tai Situpa gave teachings for a week on "Dharma and Sacred Dharma" at the Palpung Institute of Buddhist Studies. It was requested and organized by the Institute and attended by students from all over the world.

During this transmission, Guru Vajradhara gave a general explanation of both dharma and sacred Dharma by clearly defining their essence, etymology, purpose and function. He taught about the essential character traits and mental qualities that one needs to develop in order to be able to live a happy life. He emphasized that we need to apply meditation methods and mind training instructions to make our minds balanced, tame, gentle, fair, flexible and wise.

Guru Vajradhara also pointed out that for a successful life, we must be aware of the circumstances of the place and time, have an excellent role model, good companions and a clear goal. On top of that, he explained, it is essential that we have the right motivation, incorruptible principles and the means to achieve our aim. He taught that view, meditation and action are not only important in terms of the sacred Dharma, but that they are crucial for this world to become better from the viewpoint of dharma. He also gave an overview on the origins of the eighteen academic and practice lineages in Tibet.

After that, Guru Vajradhara spoke about how the five elements and five defilements can be transformed into five kayas and five wisdoms, and about how to overcome the ignorance underlying negative emotions; such as the dualistic perception of "self" and "other"; and also spoke about attachment, aversion and other aspects. He continued with instructions on how to accomplish anything by doing it with enthusiasm and diligence, maintaining mindfulness and awareness and always choosing the honorable way, while at the same time knowing contentment and trusting others.

He then explained how universes and sentient beings are created, how our physical body is formed and also dedicated some time to answering the students' questions before concluding the teaching with an exposition of the twelve links of interdependent origination and an introduction to the three kayas. At the end of the transmission, Guru Vajradhara conferred an empowerment of Chenrezig, the Lord of Compassion.


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