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Four Special Conditions Contemplations:
The Fourth Condition ~ Immediate Condition

Given by the 12th Kenting Tai Situpa at Palpung Sherabling, December 2004.
Transcribed by Chang Chin & Changchub Saldon

Teaching Chapter 19 and Practice Chapter 18

Now the fourth condition, the last, that is De ma tak pe kyen. De ma tak means immediately, right there, immediately. Now this has a very deep meaning. Deepest meaning of de ma tak, is the recognition of nature of mind. But more technical definition of that is moment by moment. So we have to do practice right now. We have to practice every moment. There isn't some kind of guide, waiting with holding a gong in one hand and hammer in another hand. And now you start practice, gong, then another time, ok now you finish practice, gong. You know. It is not like that. There is gong or not, always be practice. Every moment. Without the moment, there is nothing. And you shoot an arrow from a very strong bow, and the right arrow goes from here to the target, it passes through every atoms in the space. Even that is not now. Because arrow is very slow. Particles are too big. Why? Because particles, supposed to be smallest and they are supposed to create everything, right? So if the smallest things create the biggest things by many smallest things coming together, then smallest things must have six sides. Another smallest attach here, another smallest attach here, another smallest attach here, another smallest attach here, another smallest attach on top, another smallest attach underneath. Then six sides has to have, so it becomes seven, so bigger than one. Then you can cut that into six pieces. Because it has six sides. Even that, this has to have six sides, six smaller sides. Then you have to cut more. You cut forever. Long as there is somthing, you can cut. So it is impossible. So what is "now", "now", definition of "now" is the fastest thing, how much time it takes to pass through the smallest thing, that is the "now". We have to find the fastest thing and the smallest thing. We cannot find. Right now they call the smallest thing is particle, fastest thing is light. So let's say that is it. But it is not it. Up to today that is it. Still thousands of scientist spending billions of dollars to find the smallest thing and fastest thing. I guarantee you they will never find. When they become Buddha, yes. They have to become Buddha. Without becoming Buddha, they can never find. Reality is multiple. So out of countless, limitless reality, even the smallest thing and the fastest thing of one reality, they will never find. Forget about all levels of reality. Most of them don't even believe there is other reality. So that way the moment doesn't exist. So the ultimate definition of moment is the realization of nature of mind. I can say only this much with my limited comprehension. When you reach the final conclusion of ultimate truth, through realization, there is no difference between biggest thing and smallest thing, and the slowest and fastest thing, no difference. Everything is primordial. How can there be. So as a practitioner, more practically, then try to do one's best to maintain awareness and mindfulness, moment by moment. Relatively, there is lots of time and effort it will take us for reaching the ultimate realization, but ultimately, when we reach it, then it didn't even take one moment. So countless life time is not more not less than a moment, which doesn't even exist. The true yogi, like Milarepa, of course, exactly implemented this. He decided not to waste any moment of his life. Put his body, his speech, his mind for its full capacity at all time towards practice to attain enlightenment in this life. That's why he lived in the cave; that's why he became very thin. He didn't become enlightened because he lived in the cave. He didn't become enlightened because he was thin. But he did not spend any time or anything else so he naturally became thin. And most convenient place is cave, in the highest mountain where nobody can get to him. For us that is difficult because of our karma. Therefore, if we do our best for the two hours everyday not to waste any moment out of the two hours, then if we do our best, that's the best we could do right now. O.K. so that is the last contemplation. And there is not so much meditation or visualization there, but it is sorting it out. In this, if you want to do some particular visualization and practice, then you can do that in dhak po kyen, the second dhak po kyen, dhak kyen. Out of four guru, the first guru you can do guru yoga.Not exactly necessary. Contemplate on all aspects of guru and all of that for three days is only six hours.


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