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Given by the 12th Kenting Tai Situpa at Palpung Sherabling, December 2004.
Transcribed by Chang Chin & Changchub Saldon

O.K. Now in this moment, the first year of the Maha Mudra Ocean of Certainty teaching at the request of Very Venerable Thutop Rinpoche is completed. And in this, I taught you twelve preliminary practices and contemplations. Now let us dedicate the merit of all the teachings that I have given you, and Venerable Thutop Rinpoche who asked the teaching, and all the disciples, organizers, everybody who put it together and all the monks, and laypersons, and administrators here in Sherab Ling who also put it together here. Then all of you who came from far away and spent a lot of time to get here, actually get here and get back is about five, six days already. So Spending that much time and energy. So merit of everyone I dedicate for the benefit of all the sentient beings to reach the realization of Maha Mudra. And all the great, enlightened masters of our lineage, His Holiness Karmapa, and all the other masters live long. All the great masters of Vajrayana Buddhism, starting from the Supreme Avalokitesvara manifestation, His Holiness Dalai Lama, and all the other great masters of all the schools, live long. And all the great masters who past away, may their reincarnation return soon to continue Dharma activity. Starting with our Bokar Rinpoche who passed away very recently, so started from him, all the great masters who past away, may they return to teach Dharma for the benefit of all sentient beings and continue the activity of their predecessors. And all the great masters of Mahayana and Theravada Buddhism, may they live long and their activity flourish. May there be peace, happiness and harmony in this world. Because lots of problems in this world right now. All of them are, sorry maybe I am naive, but in my opinion, all of them are absolutely unnecessary problems, right from the beginning to the end. But because of one problem another problem happen, because of that another happens. It just like a big house, you know, that you have a very big house, one pillar falls down then beam cracked, and another pillar falls down then wall cracked, and another window breaks down, and it is like that. So it was not necessary to break the first pillar. But the first pillar is already broken, so all kind of things happen as a result of that. So we pray there will be peace and harmony in the world. So last but not the least, that all of you, may your Dharma practice go well for this year, and the next year until we meet here and of course after that. And may you finally reach the realization of Maha Mudra in this life. When your last moment comes, you are able to say to yourself, "I am O.K, I have done my best, I am happy" and you smile and go. Then I have done a very good job. I am very happy, I sincerely pray that happen.


Mahamudra Ocean of Definitive Meaning~

Teachings in 2004



Four Ordinary Preliminary Contemplations

Precious Human Life Contemplation

Death Impermanence

Karma, Cause and Result

Suffering of Samsara

Four Extraordinary Preliminary Practices

The First:
Refuge, Prostration, and Bodhicitta Practice

The Second:
Dorjesempa Practice

The Third:
Accumulation of Merits

By Yogi Practice

Mandala Offering Practice

The Fourth:
Guru Yoga Practice

Four Special Conditions Contemplations

Causal Condition

Fundamental Condition

Objective Condition

Immediate Condition


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