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May 16 - 17 - Photos

The 12th Kenting Tai Situpa accepted an invitation from the Ven Choesphel Zotpa and Lama Gyatso to visit Jispa, Lahual and Spiti, to conduct teachings, the Four armed Avalokiteshovara empowerment and to be the guest of honor at the May 19th Buddha Purnima celebrations in Jispa.

Venerable Choesphel Zotpa is a Member of the Government of India's, National Commission for Minorities and is the President of the Himalayan Buddhist Cultural Association (HBCA). Lama Gyatso is also a regional president of Himalayan Buddhist Cultural Association.

On May 16th, 2008 at about 3:oo pm Kenting Tai Situpa, along with a 15 member entourage, left Palpung Sherabling Monastic Seat in several vehicles. The first stop, they arrived at on May 17th, was in Kullu where they visited the project site of the soon to be built Palpung Nunnery. While at the site, the land was consecrated with the Sang Puja. Kenting Tai Situpa enjoyed the views from project site.

At 3:00 pm Kenting Tai Situpa and the group arrived at Manali and where they were greeted by the local Tibetan Welfare Officer, Mr, Ravi Thakur, a representative of Himalayan Buddhist Cultural Association, along with a representative from the Tibetan Women's Association and many other local dignitaries, some of whom arranged Kenting Tai Situpa's stay at SILMOG GARDEN.

Between 3:00 pm and 4:00 pm, as requested by the Local Himalayan Buddhist Cultural Association Branch, Kenting Tai Situpa kindly transmitted teachings to hundreds of devotees in Manali. The essence of teaching was on how to become a responsible dignified human being who benefits every sentient being.

"Meditation is important in everyone's life. People feel that meditation is complicated which is not true. Of course meditation has many levels but the simplest way and the foundation of all meditation is just to calm down your mind. If the mind is not calm then everything becomes very complicated. Why does it become complicated? Because it is not calm, and is therefore occupied by defilements. Once you are calm and control your mind then there is no more room for defilements anymore. When there is no room for defilements then there is peace, happiness and calm, and that becomes what is natural in your life.”

Kenting Tai Situpa also gave them a set of practices to do in a very simple and meaningful way, which takes only five minutes. Kenting Tai Situpa mentioned, "We have 24 hours in a day and most of this time we use with not much benefit, so why not take just five minutes to practice with sincere mind?"

Kenting Tai Situpa presented a very simple and easy daily practice in five steps. This set of methods can be practiced by anyone. It's not necessary to be a monk or nun. This is why Kenting Tai Situpa introduced this method for families and house-holders or those who just have very busy lives.

"The 1st step is to recite the four-line prayer and two line related to taking refuge in the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. Do this 3 times with the utmost sincere devotion and trust.

The 2nd step is from above four-line recitation, the two-line prayer, generating Boddhichitta.

The 3rd step is to recite the four-line prayer of the four immeasurable thoughts with utmost and sincere compassion, loving kindness, joy and impartiality towards every sentient being.

The 4th step is to recite one Mala (rosary) of the mantra of the Buddha of Compassion (Avlokiteshovara) with pure devotion and to develop trust in him.

The 5th Step is to dedicate the merit of this practice towards every single sentient being with the limitless aspiration that they all achieve Buddha-hood. "

This five-step practice takes only five minutes and if we do this every day then, this good habit will take us very far in the long run. All the devotees felt great blessing from Kenting Tai Situpa's teaching and awakened their minds towards the practice of the Dharma.