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Karma Kagyu Refuge Tree Masters ~

The 9th Karmapa - Wangchuk Dorje

Image from: Thangkha painted by the 8th Kenting Tai Situpa Chokyi Jungne.
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The prediction letter of Mikyo Dorje proclaimed, As the play of my manifestation following this life, high on the face of the wall of snow mountains, at the stronghold of Tre, near where the Glorious Lord of the World spontaneously appeared, there is a place suitable for practice of profound religion, where the sound of a river is heard. Not far from that place, the signs of my taking birth will manifest. In accord with this prophecy, Wangchuk Dorje (1555-1603) took birth at Treshod, in the highlands of eastern Tibet. His family home stood very close to the site where an image of the bodhisattva Chenrezig had miraculously appeared in the rock. As soon as he was born, Wangchuk Dorje said, "I am the Karmapa!" and sat up in meditation posture, which he maintained for three days. When his father began to prostrate towards him, he laughed and stood up, saying the mantra, "Om Ah Hung" and reciting the vowels and consonants of the Sanskrit alphabet. Within eighteen days, he was walking about freely, and his fame spread spontaneously throughout the region.

Wangchuk Dorje was ordained in the elaborate ritual known as the "hair-cutting ceremony" and formally enthroned at Tsurphu Monastery at the age of six. He accomplished much of his studies while traveling with his masters in their monastic camp, Karmay Garchen, which moved from region to region helping the local populace and monasteries. Since a very strict routine of practice and discipline was followed, only very serious, dedicated practitioners were accepted into the camp. Scholarship focused on the Hevajra and Dechog tantras, the Five Teachings of Lord Maitreya, and other essential techings. Meditation practices emphasized the Mahamudra, the Six Yogas of Naropa, Cho, and the mandalas of the tantric deities, particularly those of Vajravarahi, Chenrezig, and Hayagriva.

Throughout his life, Wangchuk Dorje was asked to mediate political in central Tibet. Knowing the early kings had established Buddhism as the guiding principle of Tibetan life, he made efforts to restore the temples they had established and invoked their virtuous example to inspire his contemporaries. He restored many Kagyu monasteries and retreat centers throughout Tibet, and expounded the writings of the previous Karmapas. He also spread the Buddhist teachings in Bhutan and Mongolia. Though unable to personally visit Sikkim, he sent a senior lama who established three monasteries there: Potong, Ralung, and Rumtek.

During the course of his travels throughout Tibet, Karmapa identified the young reincarnations of the senior Kagyu lamas who had been his teachers and had overseen the monastic centers of the lineage. Not only did he enthrone these incarnations, he also raised and taught them with the same care as a mother looking after her own child. This profound method of preserving the teaching-through which master and disciples take birth again and again, each nurturing the other in his childhood-is succinctly captured by the Tibetan phrase Dagyu Gyalwa Yabse: Glorious Father and Sons of the Kagyu lineage.


Mahamudra Ocean of Definitive Meaning~~

Karma Kagyu Refuge Tree Masters

01 Vajradhara

01 Tilopa

01 Naropa

02 Lodro Rinchen

03 Saraha

04 Nagarjuna

05 Shawaripa

06 Maitripa

07 Marpa

08 Milarepa

09 Gampopa

10 The 1st Karmapa

11 Drogon Rechen

12 Pomdrakpa

13 The 2nd Karmapa

14 Orgyenpa

15 The 3rd Karmapa

16 Gyalwa Yungtonpa

17 The 4th Karmapa

18 The 2nd Shamar Rinpoche

19 The 5th Karmapa

20 Rigowa Rinjung (Ratnabhadra)

21 The 6th Karmapa

22 Bengar Jampal Sangpo

23 The 1st Gyaltsab Rinpoche

24 The 7th Karmapa

25 The 1st Sangye Nyenpa Rinpoche

26 The 8th Karmapa

27 The 5th Shamar Rinpoche

28 The 9th Karmapa

29 The 6th Shamar Rinpoche

30 The 10th Karmapa

31 The 7th Shamar Rinpoche

32 The 11th Karmapa

33 The 8th Shamar Rinpoche

34 The 12th Karmapa

35 The 8th Kenting Tai Situpa

36 The 13th Karmapa

37 The 10th Shamar Rinpoche

38 The 9th Kenting Tai Situpa

39 The 14th Karmapa

40 The 1st Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche

41 The 15th Karmapa

42 The 11th Kenting Tai Situpa

43 The 2nd Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche

44 The 16th Karmapa

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